What We Do

Ushuaia Shipping provides exceptional services to expedition ships, super yachts, aircraft and other vessels engaged in Antarctic operations and logistics.

When you choose Ushuaia Shipping as your partner, you gain a reliable and experienced ally dedicated to delivering exceptional support.

Our Services

Ushuaia Shipping manages all port operations to ensure a seamless turnaround in Ushuaia, including:

  • Coordinating with relevant authorities for a smooth turnaround
  • Coordinating with third-party vendors such as MGO or Aviation fuel suppliers and Ship Chandlers.
  • Representation with all Argentine authorities.
  • Providing stevedoring services.
  • Offering mechanical aids.
  • Arranging pilotage.
  • Handling solid and liquid waste disposal.
  • Medical attention for crew and passengers.
  • Diving Inspections.
  • Surveys.
  • General facilitation.

Ushuaia Shipping has an ad-hoc department taking care of crew coordination and assistance.

  • Professional advice on Argentinian immigration regulations including Visa obtaining process.
  • Letter of invitation
  • Ok to board
  • Ground transportation in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia
  • Hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia
  • Assistance 24/7 to traveling crew and offices

We provide shipping services for all your logistic requirements to and from Ushuaia.

  • Professional advice on the best way to ship anything to or from the vessel.
  • Clearance and delivery of airfreights, sea freights or cargo arriving by truck for the vessel, including proactive problem anticipation and solving to assure timely deliveries.
  • Forwarding of goods from the vessel to any international destination, including all necessary documentation and customs requirements.

We manage the purchasing and delivery of all materials and services needed by the vessel while in Ushuaia.

  • Sourcing, purchasing and delivery of any technical or expedition material needed by the vessel while in Ushuaia.
  • Sourcing and hiring of repair or other services required while in Ushuaia.
  • Miracle making.

Ushuaia Shipping has extensive experience in obtaining permits for helicopter and submersible operations.

Since 2012, we have been obtaning permits from the Prefectura (Coastguard) and ANAC (National Aviation Authority) for the helicopters & submersible vehicles of our Super Yacht clients.
  • We have served as Aerovías DAP´s local agent in Ushuaia for over a decade.
  • We facilitate the international transportation of sea freight, submersibles and helicopters from Ushuaia.
  • We have chartered a flight to transport helicopter blades from the USA to Ushuaia with urgency.
  • We have supplied special fuel JP-5 to one of our valued clients.

Local Support

We provide Expedition Ships, Super Yachts, and Cruise ships with local support for all their logistical needs and formalities in Ushuaia and other ports throughout Argentina.

Successful Operations

We navigate the local regulations, customs procedures, and port logistics, ensuring that our client's operations are conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Service Oriented

We provide exceptional 24/7 support, reponding to your needs quickly and personally. We go the extra mile to solve your challenges.

Long-term Relationships

We build strong and long-term business relationships, as we firmly believe that they are the main contributor to ensuring efficient and successful operations.


We understand that our administrative department is as critical as our Crewing and Operations department.

Clear and Final DAs

We take great pride in our efficient invoicing system, enabling us to provide our clients with clear, easy-to-read, and comprehensive final DAs in record time. The exceptional feedback we have received from our clients speaks volumes about our ability to deliver accurate and understandable billing documentation.

Accounting Records

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date accounting records is an integral part of our commitment to transparency and compliance. We follow strict protocols to ensure the accuracy and correctness of our accounting records, enabling us to present our clients and tax authorities with clear and transparent documentation of our activities.